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B2 Audio HN10P

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Når det simpelthen ikke kan blive højt nok men stadig skal lyde fremragende godt, Så er det B2's HN PRO serie der skal kigges på. f.eks. disse 10" Mellemtoner. Med længere slaglængde, og kun de bedste materialer får du her en PRO højttaler, der leverer uovertruffen lydkvalitet i sin klasse.

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When too much is just about right the HN proaudio components are engineered to match up with any daily driver or the loudest demo rides.
We offer midranges in 6.5″, 8″ & even 10″ with a wide frequency response while never compromising the sensitivity.
Instead of the ordinary wedge design, The HNP uses U shaped surrounds, they will have a longer stroke known as excursion / xmax.

The U shape offers a tighter kick and extends the sound reproduction downwards, simply put, you get more bass. This has usually been a drawback for automotive proaudio midrange speakers, bass response was lacking. Only premium materials such as flatwound aluminum voice coils, precision pressed paper cones and lightweight spiders are used, aid in creating the higher spl and the much wanted punch compared to drivers that may seem optically similar.


Power Handling: 150 w* 200 w* 250 w*
Frequency Response:: 135 Hz ~ 6 KHz 110 Hz ~ 6 KHz 60 Hz ~ 5 KHz
Sensitivity: 99.5dB 99.6 dB 102 dB
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ω 4 Ω 4 Ω
DC Resistance (Re): 3.6 Ω 3.6 Ω 3.6 Ω
Resonanse Frequency (Fs): 135Hz 105Hz 70Hz
Vas : 5.3L 9.6L 32.1L
Qts : 0.49 0.39 0.36
Qms : 5.66 5.81 4.03
Qes : 0.54 0.42 0.39
Voice Coil diameter : 1.5″ 2.0″ 2.5″

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