Audio System Twister IV F2.600

1.799,96 kr.

De ÆGTE Audio System Twister Forstærkere er tilbage.

Ja det er lidt af en påstand, men de ægte Audio System Italy forstærkere er tilbage og der er kommet endnu flere til familien. F2.600 Klasse AB med op til 1500 watt RMS brokoblet, i den rigtige Audio System Italien kvalitet.

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The F2 are stereophonic amplifiers with high dynamic final stage, can handle low impedance speaker systems. The high amount of current available to it quadruples the power in bridged mono mode, turning a "Small" 230 watts per channel into a monster 1500 watt RMS! Integrate reversible crossovers independent adjustment and are designed to work well in multi-amplification, as elements of a powerful engine Audiosystem SPL weblog. Their is always expressed concentrated energy in compliance with the music, enviable qualities of timbre, specifications from top of the class

Big power in a compact size ...


Power 4 ohms RMS stereo Watt 14.4 Volt 300 x 2
Power 2 ohms RMS stereo Watt 14.4 Volt 460 x 2
Power 4 ohms RMS mono Watt 14.4 Volt 1000 x 1
Power 2 ohms RMS mono Watt 14.4 Volt 1500 x 1

minimum load impedance 2 ohms

Frequency response 5 Hz - 25,000 Hz

Regulation band of the filter: (HP 20-150) + (LP 45-300) Hz
Filter slope: 12 dB / oct


Volts RMS 0.2 V - 5 V


550 x 50 x 220 mm


4.6 Kg