Audio Development AD4CX

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Type: 2-way coaxial
Speaker Size: 100 mm
Frequency response: 80 - 20000 Hertz
RMS power: 50 Watts
Sensitivity: 87 dB
Impedance: 2.8 Ohm
Woofer material: Fiberglass
Tweeter dome material: Silk

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High quality 100mm bi-wiring coaxial consisting of W4 midwoofer + T19 tweeter

- CONE: Fibreglass with rubber suspension.
- WOOFER VOICE COIL: Pure copper wire on aluminium former (26 mm diameter).
- BASKET: PPO chassis injected with fibreglass, in order to low down undesired distortions.
- TWEETER: Silk dome Ÿ” diameter, with neodimium magnet and Ferrofluid cooling.

The decision to offer a line of coaxials derived from the TREND line, could sound unusual, looking at the common conception of these products, seen often as synonymous of economic. We believe that quality could not be abandoned even in this choice, sometimes forced due to installation problems, sometimes chose to complete an existing front system of good quality. Whatever is the reason, the solutions for a high quality coaxial are restricted, and in these the TREND line of AD is one of them.
Phase and impedance curves are measured after 20 hours burn-in at 20 W RMS, so are the T / S parameters.

Le: 0.46 mH
Re: 2.8 Ohm
Fs: 85 Hz
Qms: 4.15
Qts: 0.64
Vas: 2.11 Liter
Bl: 3.39
Frequency range: 80-20000 Hz
Sd: 50 cm²
Xmax: 12 mm
Pmax: 50 W
dBSpl: 87 dB