Audio System Twister IV F6.380

2.159,96 kr.

De ÆGTE Audio System Twister Forstærkere er tilbage.

Ja det er lidt af en påstand, men de ægte Audio System Italy forstærkere er tilbage og der er kommet endnu flere til familien. F4.650 Klasse AB med op til 2x520 watt RMS brokoblet, i den rigtige Audio System Italien kvalitet.

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F6 380 is the new way to manage and control the transducers of the Car Theatre and split frequency driven systems. It 'a multifaceted amplifier, whose project requirements have led us to integrate many of the signal process functions. The settings are effective, capillaries and accurate, such as to transform the same amplifier in a central control room. Crossovers-tone, line mixers, remote volume and phase adjustment, are elements of unusual simplicity of use and make F6 380 the complete and definitive choice.
The Twister exclusively employ MOSFET selected, both on the supply stage and on the power. They offer exhilarating performance in all operating conditions ensuring dynamic and
astounding levels. They are capable of driving low impedance loads, up to 2 ohms bridged mono, multiplying four times the power plate. Exhausting test, conducted in extreme conditions. Each component of the Twister exceeds selective testing of reliability, so that we can ensure continuous operation at full potential. Integrate innovative circuitry designed to protect the amplifier and devices connected to it. multi-amplified systems can be realized with ease, thanks to the many monitoring devices already incorporated in the Twister. Electronic crossovers, combined bridgeable and outputs are functions associated with each other and offer maximum configuration flexibility.


Power 4 ohms RMS stereo Watt 14.4 Volt 60 x 6
Power 2 ohms RMS stereo Watt 14.4 Volt 80 x 6
Power 4 ohms RMS mono Watt 14.4 Volt 160 x 3

minimum load impedance 2 ohms

Frequency response 5 Hz - 25,000 Hz

Regulation band of the filter: (HP 20 - 150) + (LP 45 - 300) Hz
Filter slope: 12 dB / oct


Volts RMS 0.2 V - 5 V


550 x 50 x 220 mm


4.6 Kg