Audio System AD-AY 1 hun til 2 han Y-splitter

31,96 kr.

AD-AY: 1F / 2M signal splitter, Tredobbelt Skærm.

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Under this "soft" feeling, a huge amount of current flows, allowing you to experience the dynamic capabilities of your system. The Soft Touch was created from a special polymer, without renouncing compliance with RoSH II, REACH and many other safety standards and protecting the cable winding from abrasion and the corrosive nature of chemical solvents.

Because of the tight spaces of today's vehicles, cable flexibility is very important for ease of installation

The 200% extremely high deformation limit, in accordance with the ISO R527 standards, establishes a new benchmark in the fight against space limitation and winding cable routes found in today's car audio installations.

Thanks to continuous and in-depth research on cable winding technologies, materials and their direct effect on the transfer of audio signals, GTTrading produces power cables, speakers and interconnects able to satisfy the most demanding audiophile.

Thanks to the technology developed in GTTrading laboratories, all our cables and accessories offer a 30% higher wire content than any other competitor. This technique, combined with a superlative selection of conductive materials compliant with ASTM safety standards, ensures instantaneous high current transfer, minimizing eddy current leakage. Furthermore, these technologies allow us to bring life to a huge soundstage, a perfect identification and faithful reproduction of every nuance of sound. Transfer of low loss audio signal, especially in high frequency playback and power losses along the cable.